Technology R & D Testing Center Introduction

HENGLIN HOME FURNISHINGS CO.,LTD.R & D testing center was established in March 2002, and continued to expand the construction. The existing 56 sets of laboratory testing equipment, the value of more than 300 million, more than 300 square feet of laboratory space. Testing Center is currently fixed in a series of five experimental staff, including two mid-level titles, three assistant level and below titles.

The main mission of the testing center is product technology research and development testing and technical evaluation, incoming materials, finished product testing and docking with third-party testing. Laboratory focused on the detection and evaluation of parts and end products and related fields, its testing capabilities cover the safety, structural and durability testing of BIFMA, EN1335, EN12520 and other standards. Is a testing, scientific research integration within the enterprise testing agencies, the past few years to participate in and drafted a number of industry standards and local standards, testing technology abide by the industry-leading level. Anji County is the first "primary and secondary quality education social practice base" observation area.

  • 2002Year Testing Center established
  • 56+ experimental testing equipment
  • 300m2 Laboratory area
  • Seat forefoot durability test

  • Cushion durability test

  • Crock fastness test

  • Backrest durability test

  • Rotation test

  • Caster durability test

  • Address: No.378,380 Jiaxi Road, Dipu Street, Dipu Town,
         Anji County, Zhejiang Province, 313300,China
  • Tel:+86 0572-5518666
  • Working days: Monday to Saturday
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