The exponential of Health seating culture

Henglin chair is human oriented, using the human measurement, physical, psychological measurement and other means and methods to study the human body structure and function, psychology, mechanics and other aspects of a reasonable coordination between the various environments in order to fit the physical and mental activities Requirements, to achieve the best performance, the goal is safe, healthy, efficient and comfortable.

In today's era, people's work style gradually evolved from labor to work hard, sitting work gradually become a natural work posture. Therefore, the issue of "sitting" is of special importance today when we attach importance to a healthy lifestyle. Bad sitting, in addition to limiting our actions, affecting the implementation of the work, but also for our health have great harm. Many people nowadays have various discomforts due to improper sitting and sitting on bad sittings for a long time ...

A lot of people think that sitting work is static, but according to Steelcase, a research firm based in the U.S. office environment, people who works on a chair adjust their posture every 8 to 10 minutes for comfort. Therefore, a well-designed chair must have an ergonomic chair surface and allow the user to easily change the posture and other characteristics.

Necessary conditions of Excellent Chair:

(1)Helps to maintain the natural curve of the back of the spine
(2)Curved surface of the third-degree seat surface
(3)3.Comfortable and long-term use
(4)4.Light, fast, accurate height adjustment device
(5)Good chairs must be able to meet the dynamic requirements.
(6)Safe and secure 5-legged chair leg
(7)7.Safe, flexible and durable chair wheel
(8)Strong and durable, do not scratch clothes
(9)9.Perfect after-sales service system is a necessary conditions of an Excellent chair.

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